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My Fitness Philosophy

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

My philosophy about maintaining an active lifestyle is comprised of three principals:

1) FUN! This is how I conceived my handle "Fit Fun Sivan." My goal through social media, and when I instruct, is to showcase that being active should be fun, above all else, and there are so many fun activities to choose from. If you do not enjoy doing an activity, incorporating it into your lifestyle is more difficult. There are many ways to increase the fun factor of an activity, such as the music selection.

2) VARIETY! It's the spice of life! Adding variety to your choices of exercise will keep your body and mind engaged and challenged. If you do commit to a single activity, such as running or dancing, you can still achieve variety by intentionally modifying the activity periodically. For example, in running you can modify the incline, route, terrain or pace, or in dancing you can modify the genre, format and rhythm.

3) FORM! My clients know that "form comes first," as I remind them repetitively. In any physical movement, correct form, which includes your posture, is fundamental to avoid acute (short term) and chronic (long term) injuries. I teach my clients how to do movements correctly so that they continue to feel well and continue to have an active lifestyle. Even with pre-existing injuries, there are so many activities that can be modified, and those modifications must also be in good form.

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