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I never thought someone could ever make me love being active and exercising.
Sivan and her program changed my life! She has changed my daily routine, my weight, my self esteem!!!
I started exercising with her doing one or two group classes a week, and now I do two private sessions a week.
Sivan's programming is never boring, always different and challenging according to your level. Sivan is very knowledgeable, she feels what your body needs and what is the best for you.
She will always come with tons of modifications when she sees that you need them. There is no room for cheating!  She always makes sure that your form is perfect!!!
I am 42 years old and have never been this active in my life.
Sivan has made me feel like a teenager! My body is flexible and I am eager to walk, bike, etc.
Sivan - Keep doing a great job!  I am forever grateful for your patience with me!!!

Magdalena Z.

This class is great whether you’re 15 or 50! I go with my mom and we love the partnering exercises especially! The mix of cardio in between strength exercises keeps your heart pumping and the variety of exercises makes each session challenging in its own way! I will definitely be keeping up on zoom while I’m a school and take classes when I’m home!

Alexa B.

I’m loving the workouts with Sivan. Fresh moves, good feedback, and a full body workout that energizes me for the day!  I have seen and felt changes in my body, strength, and ability to stay with the program.

Gretchen M.

Workouts with Sivan are one of my favorite ways to start the day.  Fun, upbeat, never boring.  Recommended for every level of fitness ability. Thank you Sivan.

Marta A.

I took Sivan’s cardio sculpt class for the first time and was beyond impressed! I rate this class a 10 out of 10.

Here’s why: Whether you’re male or female, 25 years old or 55 years old, just getting into shape for the first time or a seasoned athlete, this class is just what you need to keep your workouts fresh, fun and demanding.

Sivan’s cardio sculpt class is the best class I’ve taken because it’s a full body, challenging, and fun experience. Not only does Sivan teach the class with enthusiasm and a constant smile, she understands how and when to instruct you to modify safely.

Sivan’s cardio sculpt class includes creatively designed and well-thought-out multi functional body-weight movements that target every body part while improving balance and flexibility while focusing on elevated heart rate and increased strength.

I will definitely be back to attend this incredible class again.  Thanks Fit Fun Sivan for a terrific exercise experience!

Rob V.

Sivan’s classes are great - always a fun, high energy workout. Sivan is motivating and will push you to improve while always modifying exercises if you need it. Working with her has made me stronger and improved my mobility. Whether you’re on zoom or in person her class provides an effective and fun workout!!

Kate M.

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