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Five Benefits of Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretches are active movements where joints and muscles go through their full range of motion (how far you can move those joints and muscles in various directions). Dynamic stretches can be functional movements and can also mimic the movement of the activity or sport you’re about to perform. Why is it important to do dynamic stretching before you exercise?

To Warm Up the Muscles

By stretching your muscles before exercise, you warm them to their working temperature for proper functioning and enhance their overall function by bringing them with ease to their optimal warmth for exercise.

To Reduce the Chances of Injury

Jumping directly into an exercise without stretching first may result in pulling one of your muscles or twisting a joint. Dynamic stretching helps prevent you from injuring yourself during your workout.

To Reduce Recovery Time

Dynamic stretching helps speed up the time required for recovery. It boosts blood circulation, and the increased nutrients and oxygen from the increased circulation caused by dynamic stretching can also help your sore muscles repair themselves. You can return to training earlier than usual with a shorter recovery time.

To Improve Mobility

Mobility is the overall range of motion you have within your body, most notably within the joints. When you do dynamic stretching as a warm-up consistently, you can increase your mobility with every repetition and movement. Dynamic stretching can improve your range of motion and increase muscle strength, making you more robust while reducing the chances of injuries.

To Enhance Athletic Performance

Dynamic stretching is an active warm-up that can enhance your strength and performance. Irrespective of whether you’re working out in the gym, sprinting, or even exercising in your bedroom, preparing your body for a workout with dynamic stretching elevates your overall physical performance and accelerates your gains. Improved overall physical performance is one of the critical benefits of dynamic stretching.

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